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Multiple Authentication Schemes

By: Chris Dunn on Tue Apr 23, 2019 (6 min read)

If you haven't read my post on cookie authentication in .net core, I suggest you do that now since I will be referencing it in the following post. There will be times when you will want more than one sign in under a web application.  This usually involves a member section and an administrative section of your application.  You could write two separate applications, one for the front-end, and another for the back-end.  Sometimes this is overkill and tricky depending on your deployment infrastruct ...

Cookie Authentication in .net core

By: Chris Dunn on Tue Oct 16, 2018 (5 min read)

Most web applications today, with personalization and integration, require authentication to access the site. One of the more basic and simplest forms of authentication is using cookies. If you have a history with .net, cookie authentication is what you will most be familiar with. As with all things, .net core has a slightly different approach to implementing cookie authentication, so I thought I would walk through a basic implementation you can use as a starting point. Setup Authentication With ...

Auto Sign out

By: Chris Dunn on Tue Feb 6, 2018 (3 min read)

This functionality seems to be more prominent on financial websites than others, but something all sites should consider.  Even though we automatically expire someones session or login, sensitive information can still exist on the page. Unless the page makes a call to the server, the page won't know the session has expired.  So, if you see auto-sign out show up in your specs, here's how you do it. Setup The following javascript code needs to function in cooperation with your server authenticatio ...

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