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Creative and passionate Full Stack Microsoft .NET developer with 20+ years of practical design, development and testing experience crafting software solutions. I have a history of successfully taking a product from concept to production.

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Unit Testing with Mocks

If you are interested in an academic, or more intellectual understanding of Mocks, Stubs, Fakes which collectively are known as Test Doubles, it's always a good idea to visit Martin Fowler. Stubs Aren...
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Password Hashing using Rfc2898DeriveBytes

With the recent data security breaches, we as developers need to make sure we are doing our best to secure the application data the best we can.  One very obvious problem is passwords and other sensit...
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Initialize data before Angular App Starts

It's generally a good idea to separate client configuration options from the rest of your code and display logic. These options could include API Endpoints, Language options, logging configuration or ...
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Many to Many Relationship in EF Core

A many-to-many relationship is one where you have two entities and entity x can have one or more of entity y, and entity y can have one or more of entity x.  Examples of this relationship are Products...
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Clean sensitive files from GIT Repo

Have you ever committed sensitive or at least unwanted files to a GIT repo?  You thought the file was ignored or unstaged and pushed your changes.  That's one problem with the nice GUI git desktops an...
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Multiple Authentication Schemes

If you haven't read my post on cookie authentication in .net core, I suggest you do that now since I will be referencing it in the following post. There will be times when you will want more than one ...
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zobuno Form Builder

zobuno is an online drag and drop form building tool for the collection of data through web based forms. The easy to use form builder allows you to visually build a form, customize display and option

Web Scraper

Configurable console tool for crawling and extracting data from web pages. Configuration provides reusable template for extracting data and following links to identify and extract sub/related data on

Ng Contacts

NgContacts is a demo application utilizing all the aspects of a larger application. The web application uses an Angular front end, Bootstrap styling with a .net core API back end with a SQL Lite data

Gather Hub

Course management and registration software for community driven adult and youth continuing education. Built on .net Core MVC with Bootstrap styling. Website is loaded for demo users and email addre

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